• What is it Sportoso?

    It’s a website, a sport social community. Users can share their sport experiences writing comments and reviews about Sport Events, Sport Facilities and Sport Stores.

  • What is it Sportoso’s Goal?

    Help all sport lovers to select the top sport facilities, choose the finest competitions and discover the best sport stores. Ultimately help Sport to win!

  • Do I need to register to read reviews?

    No, reading reviews is accessible to anyone.

  • Do I need to register to write reviews?

    Yes, to post a review registration is required. Don’t worry is simple and fast!

  • Is registration free?

    Yes, it's free and the community can be abandoned anytime.

  • Are reviews posted immediately?

    Before publishing any reviews, Sportoso checks both, the content of the review and the data of the item under review.

  • How many reviews can I post?

    There is no limit. More reviews users post more information will be available to everyone, better the service.

    In addition, Sportoso assigns various levels to users according to the number of reviews posted (Beginner, Junior, Intermediate, Advanced, Expert, Superior, Senior, Master, Champion, Pro)

  • How many evaluation levels are there?

    5 are the evaluation levels:

    • 1 medal (Terrible)
    • 2 medals (Poor)
    • 3 medals (Sufficient)
    • 4 medals (Good)
    • 5 medals (Excellent)

  • Can I modify a review?

    No, once the review has been posted it cannot be modified. If you want to cancel it and post a new one contact us; recensioni@sportoso.com

  • Can I review an event / store / sport center that has not been reviewed yet?

    Yes, you just have to fill out few more data to create the item page. Before publishing your review, Sportoso will verify item’s data and notify the owner about the opening of the page.

  • Are you the Owner, Manager or Organizer and you want to claim a Profile (store, Event, Sport Center) to manage it?

    You can claim it either from the Item page or by writing to info@sportoso.com indicating the Item you want to request.

  • How can I contact Sportoso?

    We are at your disposal at the following email address info@sportoso.com, we will reply within 24/48 hours